Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flowery Vintage-inspired Plastic Bag Dispenser

Thank you very much for leaving me
such sweet, thoughtful comments for my
previous post. Many of you have mentioned
that you prefer a smaller wedding
and really helped to remind me of
great sides of such a small wedding like
ours, and now I feel like I made the
best decision for our wedding! Thank you!

The strong desire to perform a big ceremony/
reception in the future which existed within
me is even now fading, which is a great
news for Joe who likes things simple and natural.
I'm thinking that maybe a couple of little casual
parties, one in Washington and the other
in Japan, might be good enough. haha.

Coming back to a crafty talk, this is a custom
plastic bag dispenser to match the set of
two potholders
I worked on. The pattern is
in the current issue of Stitch magazine.
It was my own pattern but I totally forgot
how I had made it so I followed the instruction
in the mag, haha. I really like how this one turned out.

Here is a set of 6 coasters that is
also supposed to be matching.

I hope these matching kitchen items
will bring some happy, rhythmical
atmosphere to the recipient's home.

Ok, time for me to get back to
my crafty space for some more sewing!

I hope your week started off
nicely with some plans to get crafty ;)

Thank you for stopping by!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Mrs Mills"


Thank you to all of you who have sent me
warm wishes and congrats for my engagement
and wedding. Joe and I got married last Saturday,
June 12th 2010, and I would like to share
several pictures taken this past weekend.


Our wedding was very small and simple;
in fact, we didn't even inform most of
our friends about us having a wedding on that day.
We've thought about a lot of options and
came to decide that the best way for us would
be to do a small wedding now and have a
ceremony/reception sometime later either
in this year or next year. I know I surprised
many of my friends by changing my relationship
status on Facebook from 'Engaged' to 'Married'
all of a sudden. I'm feeling really bad that
they might think I was trying to keep it a secret.
I didn't
tell them about this wedding just because
I want our future ceremony/reception to be
our special day where everyone gets together.


I'm so sorry for my family and Joe's family
for informing them of this wedding coming up
just a week before! Joe's dad was like
"What?!?! Wedding next week??!!
We are coming down there then!!"


So we were lucky to have Joe's parents,
his nephew Mattie, and this really nice
family we feel very close to, Yuko, Mark,
and Taihei at our wedding that took place
outside of a church in Los Gatos in California.
It was a really, really nice day, and
I'm so glad that everything went so perfectly.


I'm officially Mrs. Mills now :D
I have the last name that I can't even
pronounce accurately, haha, but I feel
so blessed that this Mills family
that I've always considered my family
is now officially my family.
Joe's mom, my American mom, called me
"Mrs. Mills" right after our wedding,
and I felt ticklish and simply happy.

A couple of people have asked me if
it's different now that I am married,
and I said no. Joe and I have been
together for over six years and we've
always known that we would get married
sooner or later, so I don't feel like
anything new happened at all, but I
am blessed that we are finally officially
together - what a great feeling to know
that I can call someone I love the most
"my hubby". hehe ;)


And I was so glad that Taihei, the boy
I've been babysitting since he was a three-month
old, and his parents were there for us too.
I love this little man and his parents
who are literally the nicest people I know.
Look how he and I share similar chubby cheeks.
His cheeks are cute but mine is not so much, haha.


Joe is a great friend of Taihei too.
He never takes a nap when Joe is there.
And this day Taihei made a new friend Mattie.


It was the cutest thing to see Mattie
and Taihei playing with each other.
I've known Mattie since he was about
Taihei's age now, a two year-old.
I love him so much and am so glad that
he has become such a sweet 8 year-old.


And this picture right here is my by far
favorite picture from this past weekend.
I've been staring at this picture so much
because looking at it makes me soooo happy.
I already ordered several hard copies of
this picture and can't wait to put it on the wall.


This is how Mattie looked after running all
over with Taihei in the sun. So red!
Isn't he just unbearably adorable?


The next day, we went to the Broadwalk in
Santa Cruz. My American mom was born and
grew up in the city. We went to see if the
house she grew up in was still there after
45 years have passed. Yes, we found the
house. So many things looked different
around the house from what she remembered
so it didn't seem like it was bringing
the bell for her but it was so nice to
see it still there at the same place!


Joe and Mattie went swimming in the ocean.
I thought it was so cute to see them
holding hands with each other.
Joe is such a nice uncle for Mattie.


So that's all about it, I think!

Thank you for spending some time here
reading this long post. I hope you have
a great week!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

some projects + handmade gifts


Hi everyone! How's it going?
I'm sorry for not posting for such a long time.
I feel I'm so behind. I have 1000+ unread posts sitting
in my google reader waiting for me. I really need to
catch up with you guys once everything settles down.

It has been a bit crazy over here, but
it's a very happy, positive kind of 'craziness.'
I just graduated from the college,
had a couple of good-bye parties,
and am getting ready for our wedding which
will take place at our apartment this weekend!! haha!
But I managed to sew up some projects in the last
week, that I want to show you guys today.

Last Minute Gift

First off, this is a last minute gift I made
for someone who has been very nice and
supportive for us. I love this basket partly
because in my opinion, this is a great representation
of her character; cheerful and outgoing.
She takes ikebana classes, so I thought she
might like some traditional Japanese fabric
which I used for lining. I really love this.


This is one of my projects for a custom-order
by my friend Hilda in Venezuela. She wanted me to
make a fabric basket using the Eiffel Tower
fabric. I wanted the fabric to be the main one,
but then I thought I need something else
to give it a stronger impact which led me to
combine it with the animal fabric.
I think it is cute in its own way but
maybe the animal print is a bit too dominant.
I hope she will still like it.


This one is so happy and springy.
I really like the combination of the vintage-inspired
little flower prints. The poodles look happy
with lots of flowers surrounding them.


The order included one potholder which
she is planning to give to her mom, but
I decided to make two so that she can
share the same one with her mom.
I like how these potholders turned out
a lot; they make me happy to look at ;)


I just love making these pincushions
(well, obviously!)


I love this kind of pincushions too!
A great scrap-buster project!
This makes me want to jump into a pool.
It has been a perfect weather for
swimming here in San Jose.

Another thing I want to do today is to
share with you great handmade gifts I've
received in the past few months ;) I hope I don't
seem like I'm bragging but I feel so lucky to
own these goodies and can't help having
you guys take a look at them!


What can I say about this pink penguin
mini quilt made by my friend Mary as a
graduation gift for me other than the fact
that it is the cutest, most thoughtful thing ever?
I'm totally in love with this.
Mary has such impeccable quilting skills,
and her handcrafted items inspire me so much.
I'm especially impressed with how unbelievably
perfect her applique is.


Look how perfectly the curvy heart is sewn
on the potholder. It's like breathtaking to me.
I asked her if there were any books she used
to learn this skill but she kindly told me that
she learned it from her mom and never
refereed to any sewing books.
Maybe I need to take an applique class.


This is another master piece she was nice
to share with me. She used the metal measuring
tape for the opening part and proved to me
that it really works!! Several people have asked
me whether they can use a measuring tape to
make the puffy pouch but the only thing I could
tell was "yes, that's what I've heard."
But this really proves to me that it works
amazingly perfectly!!! Unlike the flex frames
that need some pressure from the sides to open a pouch,
the one made with the measuring tape can be
open without pressing from the sides.
It gives much more flexibility because 1) you can
cut the metal measuring tape into the
size you want and 2) it needs just enough
pressure to open the pouch. Also,
it will save us some $! I must go hunting
for the measuring tape next time I go thrifting!
Thank you so much Mary for your niceness and
generosity to share with me your master pieces!


One last thing I want to share with you is
these cards made by my blog friend Melanie!
She was so nice to send me several handmade
cards along with lots and lots of cute fabrics!
Aren't these cards so cute?! I really love
handmade cards and have wanted to make some,
and she totally inspired me to start making ones!
Those are too cute to be used, so I am keeping
them to myself! Thank you so much, Melanie
for the surprise package full of goodies!!!

Thank you for reading such a long post!
I'll be back after our wedding ;)
I'm so excited that Joe's parents and
his nephew are coming over for this weekend.
It will be lots of fun!

I hope you are having a great week!

P.S. I have a set of three placemats listed
in my shop! Please let me know you came from
here when you snatch it to receive a couple of
cute Japanese fabric stashes ;) !